Fields of use for aluminum hydroxide powders

Aluminum hydroxide, a hydrated mineral filler (or hydrated alumina), is used primarily as a flame retardant filler, reducing the flammability of plastics. Aluminum hydroxide contains water molecules (Al2O3) making it a natural flame retardant.

Aluminum hydroxide, or alumina hydrate, is ideally suited for use in special fillers for synthetic resins and rubber, as well as elastomers, foams, and paints. If you need more information, our team will advise you on our products and bespoke manufacturing methods.

The granulometry of your aluminum hydroxides

Alumines Durmax provides high quality and pure aluminum hydroxide powders, with the particle size ranging from 1 micron to 30 microns.

We guarantee complete satisfaction at every stage of the process. We adapt to all your technical requirements and field of activity and provide you with specific recommendations, ensuring the result is up to your exacting standards.

You can adapt the granulometry of your aluminum hydroxide to your requirements and the specificities of your business. Contact our technicians for more information and to schedule an appointment with our team.


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